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Two on their way out?
I don't think Ambrose is good enough to bat at 4 any more. Sorry just my opinion.

Fair enough. Think he's perfect for it myself. He is an adaptable batsman. Can alter his mindset and game in accordance to the situation. Tremendous when his backs against the wall (Surrey away springs to mind here), there is no better man within the squad to come in at 30-2 say. Bats well within partnerships either as the aggressor or the anchor. I feel he would thrive under the pressure/responsibility.

He is just an incredibly underrated cricketer in my opinion.
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(01-08-2012, 01:18 PM)Kim Wrote: Sam Billings of Kent?

I have never, ever seen Billings keep. Whats he like?
Seems like Rankin is about to sign up:
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(30-07-2012, 05:25 PM)Terry Wrote:
(30-07-2012, 01:13 PM)Paul Wrote: Yes never go back it rarely works - would have loved to have seen Mooen come back mind you but on the other hand his type of batting wouldn't it into our plans.

If Johnson really is Warwickshire through and through but has to go to get first-team cricket, why on earth wouldn't we welcome him back at a point in the future when we need to replace Ambrose? Good reasons to go, good reasons to come back - why not? Of course, he may not want to; but if he did, I think we would be daft to rule him out simply because he left us before to get the cricket he needs.

I'm with you on this one Terry!

In effect it is more like a long term loan.

However there are never any guarantees. We would need to find keeping cover for Ambrose if he got injured. If we found a good reserve keeper we might end up not wanting Johnson back!

It has been nice to see Johnson given the gloves in the T20 and if memory serves he just missed out on a 50 last week so he has had some first team cricket this season.

It is a lot to ask of a good player to carry on playing understudy year after year. Even if you make his salary a first XI one he will still be itching for top level cricket!

So of course we want him to stay but I wouldn't blame him if he went!
We met with Povey but we did not eat the biscuits.
(01-08-2012, 04:36 PM)Paul Wrote: I don't think Ambrose is good enough to bat at 4 any more. Sorry just my opinion.

I'm not disagreeing with you as such Paul but if Tim was told to concentrate solely on his batting and the gloves given to Johnson then perhaps Tim's performances with the bat would improve.

There are times when we look a bit light at the top of the order but with Westwood and especially Troughton returning to form any need to patch things up by promoting Ambrose has probably now passed.

But I do agree with with previous comments that he is a versatile player. Like Maddy he is minded to attack but can play defensively too when required!

We met with Povey but we did not eat the biscuits.

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