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The Future of County Cricket
A further reduction in red ball cricket - absolute disgrace.
When will our masters realise the season is too short to fit in all they want?

There is some merit in the argument for conference system although I too like the league system.
LE - aka John
(17-04-2018, 11:12 AM)adickinson Wrote: I would be interested how the 'Franchise' Competition will be offered to existing County members in terms of their membership deals.

I suspect it won't be part of it... Anyone wiill be able to buy a membership for that particular competition.

It is time for memberships to be split in two as anyway... Red ball and white ball. You buy what you want.... If you want both then you buy both. Each getting half a members rights vote

As for red ball cricket... There needs to be major structural changes.... There are too many counties just there to serve the public school system rather than producing skilled yet combatative players for England who are up for the fight. Less counties... but teams playing across the year with regular games.

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