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The Future of County Cricket
EB I think £60 + for a day's cricket is too expensive for most people, even us wrinklies. The bulk of attendees, I suspect, are either corporate guests or those that make "a day at the test" an annual event. In addition to considering the price the spectator has to add on the fact alcohol drinks can't be brought in, food to be bought and the cost and hassle of getting to and from the ground. On top of all this the guarantee is a minimum of 25 overs.
LE - aka John
Very true LE. I used to attend all the days of a Test with a member of my family or a friend. I certainly couldn't afford to do that now. Its not that long ago, that you paid for your membership and a £ 60 car park pass. You then could park at the ground on big match days, and as a member get slightly reduced priced tickets, take a bottle of wine in or four cans of beer. Even parking is a hassle now - free on road parking has been made incredibly difficult unless you park miles away. Parking nearby adds again to the costs of the day. Now a day at the test feels expensive, and that excludes the days holiday or travel. I asked some people at work how much they would be prepared to pay to attend the last two sessions tomorrow - £ 15 was the answer, because the other costs would at least double that.

From a corporate perspective, that is changing too. My company is spending less on attending test match cricket. I know that my company would rather attend T20i's with a start time of around 1.30pm. This would allow for some business to be cleared in the morning and in an ideal world, guests would get to the ground at noon for lunch, watch the match and be away by around 5pm.

Finally Edgbaston has been hit hard by the weather at times during the last decade..... but certainly in the modern world of lights, I know that the guy who organizes our corporate days out does not expect to see bad light stops play. He really doesn't care about the semantics or niceties - either change the ball, change the players, change the umpire or change the rules - but get on with it for the thousands he hands over. His view is.... its a test match - play with the conditions you have under lights..... whether right or wrong - he is the man holding the purse strings.

I struggle for an answer.... we have discussed this potential problem on this forum for years... perhaps austerity has finally had an impact. Perhaps people have slowly been alienated by pricing (do people really know you can buy a ticket for £ 30 tomorrow - or is perception that its £ 60?). The problem being that when people stop going, it is difficult to get them back.

Finally - still little signage at Edgbaston - and certainly no digital signage. No next match.... no special offers, cheaper tickets after a certain time etc. etc. Too little information to entice people.
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Leicester Exile
WB I can usually find something to contradict (argue) when you write about the state of the game but you are spot on. And it doesn't matter what we think or what the ECB and ICC think but if the man in the street or the corporate event organiser thinks cricket is too expensive or badly run then it IS too expensive and badly run.

As for marketing the game..........................
LE - aka John
Totally agree LE....

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