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The Future of County Cricket
I think it may be necessary to copy what US journalists do when Donald Trump makes a speech - carry out a fact check.
Tom Harrison says:
"There has been overwhelming support" for The Hundred.
Well, maybe partly true - the support of the counties has been given (or bought) but certainly not the support of the public or of cricket supporters in general. 
He says:
"It's already a successful event in terms of not just finances but the excitement generated."
That's stretching the truth to Trumpian proportions - the costs have gone up to £40 million and I haven't detected any excitement whatsoever.
He says:
"We've done a lot of work to understand concerns from fans and we're listening to those concerns."
Well, maybe.  As I said in my post above, if he can pick out any change that has been made based on any concerns expressed by fans, then I might believe him.
He also accepts that none of the top players will get to play in the domestic 50 over competition because it will be played at the same time as The Hundred.  But he says:
"I'm confident it won't impact our success at 50-over cricket at international level."
Really?  I struggle to think that even he actually believes this.

Overall, a bit worrying that there is that much delusion at the top of the ECB.
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parkfield bear
Probably the best post you have put on here Terry. Hard to disagree with anything you have said. Graves, Harrison, and Strauss have desrespected county cricket. I bet County CEO's, and Chairmen up and down the Country apart from Surrey are saying well said Tom, publicly anyway.
(bit of self-promo)

I have wrote an article on the aspects of Warwickshire that Paul Farbrace might need to pay particular attention to in his new role if anyone fancied taking a look!

April cant come soon enough...
The subject of hardly any players coming through the system is not new. But of course they need to be good enough, so maybe that's been the problem in recent years. You mention the problem of losing Trott, and in the next two or three years Bell will be gone. That is up to the likes of Hain to score more runs his talent should be producing, and of course it's up to Hose/Lamb or indeed both to produce the goods.
He may be a Pear but he makes some good points:
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I worry that the hundred is going to irreversibly damage the county game; every action the ECB has taken for at least the last 10 years suggests that:

1. The ECB believe that there are too many First Class counties
2. The ECB would happily "rationalise" a few of the smaller counties by letting them go to the wall.

I worry where all of this is going...
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Sam Morshead speaks up for cricket fans:
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Yet someone else who feels The Hundred is a flawed project. Why, just for once, does the ECB not listen?
LE - aka John
More here about The Hundred and Mr Bayliss:
"The teams are the product of months of extensive but unpublished research, and the team identities could include a mix of geographical names, references to grounds (such as the Oval) and non-location-specific names."
Well, what could be clearer than that?
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