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Server outrage
My apologies the old server was taken offline today at the most inappropriate time. I've moved the site to my new server. Everything should be fine now. There maybe a couple of posts missing because I did my last backup late last night. Once again my apologies for this, particularly to George.

The only thing you may have to do is login again, instead of being automatically logged in. If you encounter any problems loging in please email me at which I check frequently or which I check less frequently.

I've just noticed that one or two of you have still been posting on I have switched the site over and did a redirect to to .org but guess some of you might of stored it in your favourites as, so I have corrected this problem.

Sorry about the inconvenience but things do happen and you have to deal with them, which hopefully I have done.


Sorry about the site being down all night. The firewire crashed.

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