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England Pakistan 2018
I'll stick my neck out and say that selecting Jos Buttler is muddled thinking. Being able to play trick shots when the bowlers are trying to hide the ball is no guide as to the ability to build an innings when they are trying to get you out. I would be happy to be proved wrong but I don't think he should be in the squad.

I rate Dom Bess. He will be a very fine player but whether he yet has the game to trouble Pakistani Test batsmen remains to be seen. His opportunity comes for want of any alternatives but it would be great to see him take it.
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narsty simon
I am inclined to think that Buttler deserves the chance to establish himself as a Test batsman.
He is obviously an extraordinary talent so if he could succeed at Test level, it would be a great boost for England.
With him, Bairstow and Foakes, if only the ECB could invent a version of the game that requires three wicketkeepers, we would be world champions in no time.
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Terry... I agree....
On a day when there was likely to be plenty of movement in the air and (maybe) off the pitch, England leave out Woakes and decide to bat first.
Not working out too well for them so far.
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Poor selection. Poor preparation. Poor tactics.

Please can we have some batsmen who know that swinging at something wide of off stump when your team is 168 for 6 isn't the way to play Test cricket. Give me Ken Barrington. Give me Geoff Boycott. Give me Jonathan Trott.
If the ecb continue to disrespect county cricket they will get the batsmen they deserve ie no technique and t20sloggers who don't value their wicket
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Leicester Exile
Simon... I know it's difficult, but you can't keep blaming T20... This team haven't played much of that format for atleast 9 months and some players much longer.

The championship is failing to produce winning competitive players... the structure of the red ball game needs changing.... constant failure can not be rewarded... Real competitive games of a high standard... Division two cricket generally isn't good... The level of many teams very poor ... So much so I wouldn't be surprised that a relegated bears side doesn't bounce straight back.

Its easy to do when you are frustrated... but you can't just blame T20 for England's failures at Test cricket... Bar the odd golden moment it's been poor for a very long time.
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Regardless of the standard of the Championship (I personally think it is of a good enough standard to produce Test cricketers) if, as a Test batsman, you think that swinging at a ball outside off when your team are backs to the wall, then you are either daft or you don't have the necessary aptitude to play the game at this level.

What frustrates me with England is that we don't seem to learn from our mistakes; all winter the issue was batsmen giving their wicket up cheaply, flashing and nibbling at wide balls, not getting their heads down and focusing. The same issue presented itself today; there is no problem with scoring slowly when the odds are stacked against you, the shackles can come off when conditions become more favourable. There are 5 days available for play, you don't have to hit every ball for 4.

Much depends on the change bowlers now; I get the impression that if Pakistan can see off Anderson and Broad they will score freely off the rest. If only there was a swing bowling all rounder who could exploit the conditions...
Bears fan, Wolves fan, blood red Socialist, a not so vital statistician; what a collection...
WB - No-one is blaming T20 - the blame is players have become focused so much on the way T20 is played i.e as 11 batsmen have only got 20 overs in which to score the runs needed the tendency is to try and hit every ball out the ground. The players do not seem capable of trying to ensure the 11 batsmen see out 100 overs.

The ECB need to give red ball cricket the same focus as white ball cricket instead of pushing it out the borders of the season.
LE - aka John
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narsty simon
Exactly LE
I thought the decision to leave Woakes out would haunt England, if only because of the number of times he's dug the top order out of a hole with the bat. Also the pitch looks more suitable for a bowler who looks for movement rather than trying to bang it in.

It goes a lot deeper than that though, and I thought Geoff Boycott was onto something when he said the time is approaching when we simply have to give some young batsmen a go. I'm not convinced that Stoneman and Buttler will ever make test batsmen and I only ever thought of Malan as a stop gap.
Of all the opening pairs that England have ever had (and just counting those that have opened together at least ten times), Stoneman and Cook have the lowest average opening partnership.
They average 19.68 together.  Best ever were Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe who averaged 87.81. 
Best of recent times (you probably wouldn't guess) were Nick Compton and Alastair Cook who opened 17 times and averaged 57.93.
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