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Norwell and Raine!
Looks like these 2 are on their way to Edgbaston.
(04-08-2018, 07:54 PM)Malc Wrote: Looks like these 2 are on their way to Edgbaston.

Raine would be a good signing, but I have my doubts about Norwell.  They're just a bit too similar (medium fast seamers who bat a bit) - and Raine has by far a better record (especially this season).

I guess we're looking at Raine, as Chappell IS on his way to Notts.
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Norwell is more of a specialist bowler rather than an all-rounder like Raine.
I think I am right in saying that Ben Raine has a clause in his contract that enables him to go to a top division county before the contract expires at the end of next season.  So any move to the Bears would be dependent on promotion being achieved.
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Hard to get excited about these two. I can see the point of recruiting the likes of Stone, Rhodes, Sibley and Hose who are young and have the potential to develop. Norwell and Raine are both well into their careers and don't seem like anything more than average Division 2 players. If you are recruiting established players they need to be clearly improving your side not just adding to the squad, otherwise you are effectively telling the players who are trying to get into the first eleven that you don't think much of them.

I'm no judge of limited overs ability so maybe we are looking at them with the white ball in mind but I don't see their value as Championship players.
Chris Wright and Rikki Clarke were average Division 2 players when they joined us weren't they?
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I take your point about Chris Wright who really did step up a notch when joining us. He's the exception, though. Rikki Clarke had played international cricket before coming to us so clearly had some ability.
Norwell confirmed as signing on a three year deal from the end of the season:

Didn't know he took 59 Championship wickets last season.
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