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2019 Fixtures
Does anyone know when these are due out by any chance?
End of the month
Rumoured 27 November.
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(08-11-2018, 11:06 AM)Terry Wrote: Rumoured 27 November.

Is that all fixtures or just the men's?
Now confirmed:
Domestic fixtures will be released on Tuesday 27th November.
10am - Specsavers County Championship/Royal London One-Day Cup
5pm - Vitality Blast/Kia Super League
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Fixtures are out. Well done ECB, we have a grand total of 7 potential days of county championship cricket on either a Saturday or Sunday, out of 56 days in total. Bravo.
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narsty simon
Nothing over the August Bank Holiday weekend and one game in the whole month
Were you expecting anything better!?
LE - aka John
Not at all, gone are the days when you look forward to the fixtures coming out, it's almost a fear now, I said to myself this morning 'I bet there is no cricket August Bank Holiday and only one game in the whole month', I was spot on!
Sadly looking at that fixture list I won't be renewing my membership. I just can't justify the outlay. With my working patterns I quite enjoy the flexibility of popping across to a session or two of county cricket but I actually struggle to get to the shorter format matches, primarily because of family commitments. I'm of the younger age of the membership spectrum at 31 but sadly these fixture lists are of no use for me.

It's a shame but I'll just have to listen to the commentary online and follow the scorecards on my phone.
I waited for the fixtures to be released before I made the decision to renew my membership. After counting up the games I'll be able to attend, I can justify the cost this year..... But only just! The
World Cup was always going to have an impact, but there seems to be so many changes year on year now, with more to come.

Does anyone know what the alternative ground is likely to be for the Essex game?
Membership ceased to be financially justifiable for me some time ago. I gave up Hampshire membership last year but retained Somerset, which I will do again for old times' sake. There are just two CC games at Taunton in June, July and August combined (ie summer) this year and with Somerset's habit of finishing games before lunch on Day 3 there doesn't seem much prospect of making a viable number of visits this year. At least Warwickshire will be coming to Ciderabad this time round. How many spinners have we got left?
People who don't follow cricket think those of us that do are a tad maverick, when you think about it they're correct after it's a summer sport that takes a break in the summer how do you explain that
Another abysmal fixture list; a summer game?

The only positive is a trip to a new ground (York) I do fancy a trip there I will be honest.
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Notts members have been well looked after with trips to Scarborough, Tunbridge Wells and theIOW to look forward to
Warwickshire have omitted their game at Grace Road in Royal London Cup on 6th May from the fixtures on their website. Saw it on Leicester's site.
One extra day of weekend cricket:
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LE - aka John
I have only just seen the open letter sent to the ECB from Mike Andrews (A Pears fan) complaining about the lack of weekend cricket; I fully endorse his concerns; the ECB is absolutely"doing everything possible to marginalise (Traditional cricket followers)"

The ECB are the only ones that seem blind to the looming crisis in cricket in this country; participation levels have fallen alarmingly since 2005 and the ending of free to air TV coverage. If kids don't see cricket on the TV, or live (which they are surely more likely to do at the weekend; floodlit games in the week generally incompatable with bedtimes, school etc.) how are they supposed to develop a love of the game?

I have no statistics, but my interaction with the recreational game in recent years suggests that players, umpires and spectators are getting older and thinner on the ground. This will eventually effect the professional game. Back in May, Colin Graves stated that "young people are not attracted to cricket" ( I said at the time that for the Chairman of the ECB to make such a statement is prima facie evidence that the ECB has failed in it's prime directive, namely to maintain and develop cricket in this country. A half arsed, hit and giggle tournament of 100 balls a side does not alter that fact; the ECB have failed English cricket.

For info, the Pears have just 7 days (All competitions) of weekend cricket scheduled in 2019; they have just a single day of scheduled County Championship play in 2019:
Bears fan, Wolves fan, blood red Socialist, a not so vital statistician...
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parkfield bear
See you at the Oval.
Lara, Tendulkar ... Pilling.

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