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David Willey

I've been speaking to a friend who's a Yorkshire Member, he says there are rumblings at Headingley, that we have been speaking to them and Willey about a possible move to Edgbaston next season.  Apprarently Willey is really concerned about his lack of Championship cricket - and with no selection for England ODI's this summer, he thinks his career is going downhill fast.  Yorkshire are reluctant to let him go, because he is such a key player in white ball cricket for them.  My mate has heard that a possible enticement from the Bears, is talk of a white ball Captaincy for him at Edgbaston !  Obviously there were links with him (and Dawson) earlier in the season - above.
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Signed a 3 year extension in July didn't he?
(17-09-2019, 09:38 AM)bear4life Wrote: Signed a 3 year extension in July didn't he?

Yes, I think he did.  That ESPN report was from May.  I think both him and Dawson will be off our radar now.  Willey because of the contract extension and being such a key player for Yorkshire in white ball cricket - and Dawson because he is now such a key Championship player for Hampshire (nearly at the top of the Division 1 batting averages).
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