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Mellor & Panayi
As I predicted in my post on the recent Seconds game against Derbyshire, Alex Mellor and George Panayi have now been released.

There was no surprise with George, his career has been slowly going downhill all season.  A great prospect when he debuted for the Seconds in 2015 at 17 (not 14 in 2016 as the WCCC site said - he's 22 now) and later playing for England U 19's, he shows how easy it is for young bowlers to lose their way.  This season he has increasingly found it difficult to get line and length, but did still take wickets, albeit expensively.  Recently though, even that ability seems to have deserted him.  Such a shame, but he isn't the first !

The situation with Alex was a little more difficult to judge.  Yes, he was now third in the pecking order for keeping, but his (left handed) batting always added to the Seconds line up.  I thought that MIGHT keep him with us, for at least another year.  However, him coming up to the age of 29 at the start of next season - and never getting anywhere near a regular First team batting place - probably meant the writing was on the wall.  Probably more unlucky than George, Tim A's 'persistence' at keeping fit for so long - and the signing of a better and more consistent batsman (the jury is still out on whether he is a better keeper) in Mike Burgess, probably 'did' for Alex.

Good luck to them both though.  They served us well (occasionally in the First and often in the Second, teams) for a fair while.  They could well find another First class County - probably Alex is more likely to (I wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to Derbyshire - his 77 against them a few days ago might help !) - I hope so.
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I always think it sad when a youngster has given his teenage years to aim for a full time career in a chosen sport only to be discarded before it has started. At that age it appears there is little hope of a second chance. As you say good luck to them both.
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News of Alex Mellor:
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Sounds very positive for him, he'll be able to make a big contribution to his local club, & hopefully get a chance with another county.

Like many plaers, he just needs the chance at the right club.
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