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Norman Gascoigne
(01-10-2019, 07:38 PM)Reabank Wrote: I don't suppose there's a betting market in the next Warwickshire chairman but, if there was, a fiver of Reabank's money might go on 
Mark McCafferty

Currently senior independent director at Warwickshire CC and Chief Executive of premiership rugby.  Intriguingly it looks as if he has now stepping away from his rugby role, so might be at the age  / stage of his career to be Warwickshire chair and certainly meets what the nominations committee regard as the requirements for the position.

I hope that you managed to place a bet at good odds:
Views on here are my own; but you can keep up-to-date with County Cricket at
I'd be very wary of the New chairman, he's a director of the CVC group, who before they invested in Premiership rugby owned the comercial rights to formula one and basically badly mis managed the sport, only being interested in extracting the maximum short term profit, regardless of the damage done to the long term survival and health of the sport. CVC use the same methods in all the companies they own, with customr service and long term viability, and ethical behaviour bing totally disregarded.
While Robert may be dead, Robert was not all Mugabe's.
There are GOOD Mugabe's
It is Warwickshire County Cricket Club!
In answer to Terry's question, I didn't have a bet.  Be interesting to see what McCafferty changes, if anything.  It seems as chief executive of Premiership Rugby he had a pretty feisty relationship with the RFU, rugby's governing body.

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