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Hello there one and all. First off I hope everyone is safe and well during these difficult times. 
I'm a long time cricket and football fan, but I'm slightly going off the latter. So I've decided when the world is back to normal, I shall be getting a full membership to watch Warwickshire.
Is the membership worth it for those who have one? Any advice would be welcome.
Hi, I think it is also of course we don’t have any cricket at present! Warwickshire give you 4 vouchers along with membership which can be used by your guests to any games including T20. Our full membership does include all home T20 by the way - some counties it is an extra cost. There are several free members events as well including a members’ nets before the season opener and this includes updates from various staff/players and a buffet lunch. There is also a members’ quiz and carol service. The latter has become a regular feature in the calendar and is very well attended. Members also get priority for test match tickets and internationals at Edgbaston. I guess it depends on your availability for games throughout the season as well.
Thanks for the reply. It does sound like a great deal for the price. Also the access to the two lounges sounds good. Where exactly are the David Heath and Tom Dollery lounges located in the ground?
The Dollery is on the second tier of the new pavilion - excellent view behind the wicket, one of the best in the country but doesn’t get any sun and the David Heath is diagonally opposite and gets full pretty much sun all day. Members can access both. There is a full hot meal service provided in the Dollery on match days and hot snacks in the David Heath. If you google map of Edgbaston stadium it will show you the location of the stands. In normal circumstances, there are free tours of the stadium but at the moment of course things are on hold.
Brilliant, thank you very much for the information. I think you've just sold me to get myself a membership when things get back on track.
Excellent. If you do join and let me know when you are planning to go down (please please we get some cricket this summer), happy to arrange to meet up and give you a tour.
Thank you very much for the kind offer, one that I'll gladly take up. Most definitely I've decided to take up the membership. It sounds like something I'll enjoy.
(28-04-2020, 10:52 AM)StaffordshireBear Wrote: Thank you very much for the kind offer, one that I'll gladly take up. Most definitely I've decided to take up the membership. It sounds like something I'll enjoy.

Look forward to meeting you.
To add to Stingrays excellent comments, I'll also say that (in normal times) the T20 season ticket is very good if you cant get to many championship games. It doesn't get you into members areas... but is still good. I then top up by paying for the few championship matches I can attend.... although a day at a championship match can be a bit pricey if you go a few times... It all depends on how much time you have :-)
To be fair, I'm more of a purist that loves to watch a game of cricket unfold over a few days, so the full membership will suit me. Also, the benefit of priority full international matches is a deal breaker.

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