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Grandpa Reminisces
I'm fed up of this absence of live cricket and I bet I'm not alone. How about a thread to relive some memories of Warwickshire in days past? From my youth, I vividly remember Bob Barber's hundred before lunch against the Australians and Rohan Kanhai bashing a century in a limited overs game reduced to 15 overs a side. We've had those on here before. This is another memory from a similar era with a surprising twist.

August 1967, Warwickshire versus Hampshire at Edgbaston. After two rain affected days, the final day started with Warwickshire's reply to Hampshire's first innings still in progress. The Bears, though, were in a strongish position to get a first innings lead and then exert some pressure. It didn't work out like that - a clatter of wickets (many to Warwickshire-born Butch White) left the teams tied on first innings. Hampshire then fared worse, Tom Cartwright ripping them apart with figures of 9.4-7-6-5 (yes, I did look that up) and were all out for 44. I didn't understand it at the time but I guess it had something to do with uncovered pitches and a damp strip.

Was this now a formality for Warwickshire or could there still be trouble? Added to that, ominous clouds suggested another deluge was imminent. With that in mind, the belligerent John Jameson was promoted to open the innings but it was the anything-but-belligerent Neal Abberley who would face the first ball. The bowler was  Derek Shackleton who could easily do to a side what Tom Cartwright had just done. Now the twist: on the first ball from the famously niggardly Shackleton, the famously defensive Abberley stepped across to off and clipped it over square leg for six. Stunned crowd; stunned fielders; stunned bowler; and Jameson looked a bit shocked too. And that was it, the Bears scampering to their target in seven overs and just before the heavens opened.

Anybody else want to share a memory and cheer us all up?
Yes, I saw that day's play.
I may be imagining things; but I think that Neal Abberley actually hit a second six in that first over.  Shackleton bowled three overs for 23 runs whereas, during his whole career, he conceded almost exactly two runs per over.
The significance of the tied first innings is that, at that time, there were points at stake for first innings lead.
I remember that, at the end of the Warwickshire first innings, I thought the match was dead and I was going to leave.  But I thought that I would stay to watch Roy Marshall, who was a very entertaining opening bat for Hampshire.  David Brown got him for nought but for some reason, I lingered - and then all the other wickets started to tumble so I stayed until the end.
I also saw the Bob Barber and Rohan Kanhai innings that you mention.
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