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Spin Magazine Subscription Offer
Subscribe to Spin - the independent voice of cricket - and we’ll give
£4 to cancer research.

As some of you will know, Jane Hyatt, a keen Warwickshire supporter,
has raised thousands of pounds for research into the treatment of
ovarian cancer over the last few years. Now Spin has teamed up with
Jane and Bearfans to offer you the chance to subscribe to the best
cricket magazine on the market and raise money for charity.

So, for every £30 annual subscription taken out quoting the code
‘Magnificent Jane’, Spin will give £4 to Dr Poole’s Research Fund
(Jane‘s chosen ovarian cancer charity).

You can subscribe in two ways:

1: By phoning 01283 742 970 and quoting Spin offer: Magnificent Jane.

2: By visiting the website: and following the
subscription link. In the box 'Any special instructions/requests'
write in ‘Magnificent Jane’.

But remember, please quote the reference ‘Magnificent Jane’ in all

George Dobell
Chief writer, Spin
Focus Cricket
07941 421 178
246 831 4175 (Barbados only)

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